European Yoga Teachers Fellowship

Towards a wholistic view of Satyananda teaching in Europe
New initiatives from Swami Niranjanananda in Greece, April 2000

In view of the official recognition of Bihar Yoga Bharati (BYB) in March 2000, it was felt that we should now organise our teaching methods & presentation to higher academic and scientific levels, which are the hallmarks of Satyananda Yoga. So now is the time to consider how we in Europe will move forward, towards integrating our Yoga Education and Training programs with those of India and Australia – towards a global compatibility.

Already the European Yoga Teachers Fellowship (EYTF) is close to finalising a common syllabus for initial Teacher Training, in consultation with TTC providers throughout Europe. When this is agreed, and new Teacher Training courses using the common syllabus as basis are underway, EYTF will turn its attention to other issues relating to teachers’ training. For example, examining the interface between BYB courses and the European common syllabus; the questions of regular update training (In Service Training) for already qualified teachers; methods of training and assessing new teachers in the Satyananda tradition, etc.

During the programs here in Greece, it was decided that we will endeavour to create a clear picture of the Satyananda teaching which is happening across Europe. To this end, three parallel projects are being initiated.

In Italy, Greece and UK-Ireland, working parties have been appointed to explore some of the issues relating to Teacher Training and qualification, and to make a basic register of all the Satyananda teachers in their countries.

The members of the EYTF committee have been commissioned to gather similar information in their own countries: Holland, France, Austria & Scandinavia.

In all other European countries where we know of Satyananda teachers, the heads of Ashrams or Centres, or principal teachers in those countries will be invited to contribute similar information to the EYTF.

Thus, it is anticipated that a clear and comprehensive picture of Satyananda teaching activity throughout Europe will emerge during the coming year.
It was agreed that this information be circulated to all Satyananda Ashrams and Centres throughout Europe, for their input, advice and co-operation. If you wish to have further information about, or involvement in, this process, you may contact :

Swami Satyaprakash
38 Gaddesby Road,
Birmingham B14 7EX,
Fax: +44 (0)121 444 5976

Alternatively, you may contact Sn. Mitrananda,
EYTF Secretary, to the address below :

Sn. Mitrananda
Dr. Kanterslaan 32
5361 NG Grave, Netherlands
Tel/fax: +31 (0)486 475591