Purpose of Intent

The European Yoga Fellowship was established in May 1996, by twenty-one yoga teachers from nine countries representing different International Yoga Fellowship Movement associations and individuals. The EYF aims to promote yogic techniques and teachings, as formulated by the Bihar School of Yoga and the Bihar Yoga Bharati. It also aims to raise public awareness, of the role yoga can play in preserving and protecting the natural resources. To achieve these aims the EYF proposes to introduce yogic practices within the educational systems of Europe, prisons, hospitals, health centres, rehabilitation centres, and other social organisations through the medium of regular conferences, seminars and lectures. It is hoped these activities will gather and unite all yoga groups, in a synergy of harmony and cooperation, to find new ways to develop and integrate yoga into society.

In March 2000, delegates from various European countries attended the first major EYF program on ‘Yoga and Addiction’, which was held at Satyanandashram Hellas, Paiania (near Athens), Greece, in the presence of Paramahamsa Niranjanananda. Lectures and workshops where given by health professionals and yoga teachers and therapists. Great interest was generated at this forum, and much discussion took place on how to proceed further with this project. Yoga teachers, throughout Europe, were requested by Paramahamsa Niranjanananda to give top priority to yoga and addiction in their own countries.

The realisation of a saint’s vision…shining jewel-like, on a picturesque hilltop, overlooking the Ganga, Bihar Yoga Bharati is pin-pointed to become a spiritual oasis in the technological desert of the 21st century.

Bihar Yoga Bharati is the first institute of its kind to impart a comprehensive yogic education with provision for MA, MSc, MPhil, PhD, DSc, DLitt. It presently offers a four month Certificate Course, a one year Diploma Course in Yogic Sciences and two year MA courses in Yoga Philosophy, MA/MSc in Yoga Psychology and MSc in Applied Yogic Science.

The Institute seeks to admit a diversity of students with a broad range of interests and backgrounds. See our Courses section for details of how to apply.


The Institute combines academic studies with ashram lifestyle and discipline; all students must be prepared for this approach to yogic study. The rules and regulations within the Bihar Yoga Bharati campus are designed to make the yogic lifestyle simple to follow and to create an atmosphere in which the yogic spirit can be imbibed at a subtle level.